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By December 10th, you will receive a message from me or her with the name of your Secret Santa.
Everyone will get matched up.
You will not know who has your URL.
The person you have will not necessarily have you.
Everyday (or as much as possible) send your Secret Santa nice messages, have conversations, etc. Be really nice & genuine :) 
On Decemeber 24th or 25th, reveal yourself!
If you’d like, you can reveal yourself early and trade addresses(At your own risk.) with each other to exchange gifts/cards or you can make that person an/a edit/graphic.
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The entry deadline is December 8th. This is so that I have time to match everyone up.
Make sure your submission and ask boxes are open, as well as your anon feature.This to encourage friendship in the fandom/between fandoms. :)


major spoilers.

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[ Finished AC3 ]

Spoilers below.

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Come on, guys. Surprise me!

Swing me these sorrows by ~Yeahyeahyeaaah

waterfall by ~nadisaint


iam-aveline-degrandpre replied to your post: ooc;I’m a tad upset that I might have to get the…

[ Eep. Recoloring can suck especially if you have sensitive skin. D: ]

{Well the tattoo never  hurt anyway, but as it was healing, the scab got violently torn from my wrist, hurting more than getting tattoo’d, so it needs recoloured :(…}
That was it whilst healing see? And now, it’s really pale…

[ ahfgg I read about the scab and my shoulders shot up, ugh that sounds painful. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again when you get the recolor. D: ]